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Transitioning towards a new institutional shape, name, and range of programmes




The THIERRY graduate school  fosters its genuinely universal roots since its inception in the year 2000. During 25 years the talent development of leaders towards mastery in the art of leading, formed the main path and primary goal of the THIERRY learning approach. The Belgian school will end its worldwide and future-oriented specialty role in leadership education and research, and in leader development, by 2025.


AS OF 2025


Pursuing a very gradual transformation since 2020, the school will in effect adopt an entirely new shape, and name, in 2025. The new entity will implement a very selective programmatic approach that fully aligns with the major planetary changes of the coming decades. 


UNTIL 2025


Offered since 2002, the curricular programmes leading to a post-graduate diploma, or a masters or PhD degree in leadership, that were supervised by the International Higher Institute for Leadership (INSIL) since 2010, are being phased out completely (in 2024).


LEUDANCE Research, the THIERRY think-tank initiated in the early 1990s by the school's founder, continues its activity anchored in the primal and unbiased meaning of the terms leader, leading (to lead), and leadership. While maintaining the practice-oriented and multidisciplinary scope, the research will, as of 2026, be refocused.  


In the meantime, and in accordance with the school's "Plan 2020-2025", the DR Leadership unit, led by Jean-Pierre Bal, founder of the school, remains unchanged. DR is active since more than two decades in the design and delivery of made to measure top-level leadership development: solely at CEO level, for emerging or in-office leaders of various types of organisations, including corporations, nations, governments, monarchies, and leading families. Reportedly among the few best in the world, yet also known to be most trying for its participants, the DR Leadership bespoke programmes and coaching are tailored one at a time, with utmost confidentiality assured. 




In light of the global climate change challenges, the i2LN -- Icare Institute for Leadership and Nature -- pursued a specialist mission from 2014 to 2022, embodying the THIERRY programmes in Environmental Leadership launched more than 20 years ago. The i2LN, now a component of the 2020-2025 phase, will be reintroduced in 2026 but in a different mode and level than before.




The school supports the initiatives taken by INSIL in other education fields, including the recently founded Jean PARÉ college offering artisanship art and craft programmes in the malletier domain. PARÉ was initiated by Jean-Pierre Bal, founder of THIERRY, venturing since a few years > at Ecole Jean PARÉ. 





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